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乒乓球 录像

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rked upon it. Le Jeune, in the Relation of 1637, treats it at some length. The lodge was sometimes of a cylindrical, instead of a conical form. Th

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e sorcerers, medicine-men, and diviners did not usually exercise the function of priests. Each man sacrificed for himself to the powers he wished to

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propitiate, whether his guardian spirit, the spirits of animals, or the other beings of his belief. The most common offering was tobacco, thrown in

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to the fire or water; scraps of meat were sometimes burned to the manitous; and, on a few rare occasions of public solemnity, a white dog, the mysti

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c animal of many tribes, was tied to the end of an upright pole, as a sacrifice to some superior spirit, or to lxxxvi the sun, with which the superi

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or spirits were constantly confounded by the primitive Indian. In recent times, when Judaism and Christianity have modified his religious ideas, it


has been, and still is, the practice to sacrifice dogs to the Great Spirit. On these public occasions, the sacri

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ficial function is discharged by chiefs, or by warriors ap

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pointed for the purpose. [88]

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[88] Many of the Indian feasts were feasts of sac

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